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Yakima Bikes and Walk’s mission is to create a safer and friendlier community in which to bicycle and walk.

While the seeds for Yakima Bikes and Walks were planted in the fall of 2013, they only started to germinate in the winter and spring of 2014. Phil Hoge has been a bicycle commuter and activist in Yakima since the 1990s. Rebecca Brown moved to Yakima in 2013 from one of the most bicycle friendly cities (Minneapolis) and one of the most walkable cities (Washington DC) in the country. After collaborating on a community bike race spoof, Phil and Rebecca decided the time was ripe to start advocating for safer streets and better infrastructure for walking and bicycling. Phil reached out to his extensive network of community advocates and activists, and Rebecca reached out to the Millennial community on Facebook. The Yakima Bikes and Walks kickoff meeting was held in May 2014, with over 45 attendees.

The organization is entirely volunteer-driven. Dedicated volunteers manage the website, organize monthly bike rides, build and install bike racks through town, engage youth in events, speak at City Council meetings and reach out to other elected officials, serve on technical advisory committees, and collaborate with local government agencies to ensure that people biking and walking in the Yakima area are considered in decision-making activities.


4/28/2015 General Meeting
3/24/2015 General Meeting
8/26/2014 General Meeting
7/22/2014 General Meeting
6/24/2014 General Meeting
5/12/2014 General Meeting

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